Which HDMI Cable is Best !

  • Hamza Bilal


HDMI ( High Defination Media Interface) is a Video Interface fro Transmitting Video Data from a Source Device.The HDMI Founders are Philips,Hitachi,Panasonic,Sony and Toshiba .Several Versions of HDMI Developed or Deployed since the Initial Release .but the Cable and Connector are same ,but now we are in the time of 4k and 8k Resolutions .now these are the need of everyone .if you want to Connect  anything to your Television then you need HDMI Cable .Those days are Gone of VGA and DVI to Transmit Video ,now Standard HDMI Cable or Devices are Everywhere .Even now days Grocery Stores have HDMI Cables .

How to Chose Best HDMI :

 There are A lot of Types and numbers of HDMI Cables and making Confusing Mess when it Comes to HDMI Specifications and Prices .Some are Much Expensive and Some are Low Quality ,and some are Confuse which HDMI Cable is Best for New Television .if you want to sure Cable is High Speed 4K HDMI Cable or not then Check the Logo “HDMI High Speed”

If you buy a new Television then you no Need to Buy Expensive HDMI Cable including New TV,s with 4K Resolution .if you getting a New TV ,Gaming Console or Bluray Player then you also need a HDMI Cable .Luckily the best HDMI Cable Cost about 50 AED .you Just need to make sure Which Cable Length you need .but if you are Sensitive to Chose a Cable then check out these Features

  • Speed
  • Length
  • Brand


Speed :

   Speed is the Most Important Factor while Choosing an HDMI Cable because if the Cable is not Fast then your Media Source also not Reliable .Speed is Measured in (Gbps) but you no need to learn these Numbers just Check HDMI Cables with well Defined Specifications  https://bit.ly/2CZiSfW

HDMI Speed


HDMI Cables need to Work Without issues because its carrying High Quality Video and audio Signals .

50 feet is Maximum Length of HDMI cable If you across that then Signal Will Drop .but you also need a Good Brand Cable For Long Distance .4K HDMI Cable can work Properly only on 3 Meters after that Distance Signal can Start to Degrade .For Lower Resolution 15 Meters means 50 Feet is Enough .Long HDMI Cable Length also Affect the Performance .10 Meter HDMI Cable is fine 5 Meter Also ok .


Brand is also important for Cable .Some Companies make bad quality and Some make Superb .so we should also know about the Best Brands .U-Green and Steren are Best Brand for HDMI Cable .if you want to Check their Products Just Click on the Link



So these are the HDMI Features and our Suggestion for you if you want to Buy Some Good Quality HDMI Cables then Visit at   https://bit.ly/2CZiSfW












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