Onbon BX-Y2 Multi Media Player

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Product Type: Video Controller

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BX-Y2 performance is more stable ,easy to operate by network control ,cluster sending and cloud magangement. Flexible control size ,support super length 8192. Total pixels ≤600K:1024*600; (W≤8192, H≤2048) Storage is 4GB FLASH,SD card extend to 256GB is optional. Features :...
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Product Details

BX-Y2 performance is more stable ,easy to operate by network control ,cluster sending and cloud magangement.

Flexible control size ,support super length 8192.

Total pixels ≤600K:1024*600; (W≤8192, H≤2048)

Storage is 4GB FLASH,SD card extend to 256GB is optional.

Features :


Special for big and middle size cluster LED full color screen.


Support iLEDCloud platform;
Support all kinds of BX receiving cards;
100M network ,SD card ,USB interface and WIFI on board;
Support USB display directly;USB transmission distance ≤3M,if use extension cable can reach at 10M.
Storage:4GByte;SD card support 256GByte is optional;
Working temperature:-40℃~80℃;
iLedCloud supply strong function and fast service ;

Y series advantages
1. Improved functions
⑴ The second protocol platform ,easy to make seoncary development for customized projects.
⑵ Y04 is mainly for lintel and bus screen,Y08/Y2L is mainly for LED posters ,LED lamp screen ,Y2L/Y2/Y3 is mainly for super length full color screens;
⑶ Control the screen resolution can be mor than 4096;
⑷ Sevral kinds of sensor and relay on board;
⑸ Support environmental monitoring sensors;
⑹ Support BX-VMF;
⑺ Support China and overseas weather report;
⑺ Support GPS,display the real time tracking  on the bus screens;
⑻ Support program self-adaption;
⑼ Support program background music;
⑽ Support dynamic area;
⑾ Support screen rotation;
⑿ Support  video area copy;
⒀ Support playback;
⒁ Support parameters setup save and readback;
⒂ Support arbitrary typesetting rules in Mongolian, Hebrew, Arabic, etc, easy to make vertical font
⒃ Support firmware and FPGA update online,cost efficient


2. Improve the display effect
⑴ Solve two important problems:
    A. Text or picture jitter when moving left
    B. The screen width is limited by resolution ,which is generally less than 2048 or 4096 pixels;
⑵ Y series control size::Y2L width≤4096,Y2 width≤8192,Y3 widtht≤16384;
⑶ Y Series image moving smoothly;
⑷ Preview for display effect in real time ;
⑸ Rich display effects:
    A. colorful 3D text&images
    B. colorful subtitle
    C. colorful background
    D.colorful and  granule border

3. Rich interface with perfect design
⑴ Relay switch /IR/brightness and temp&humidity sensor socket on board ;
⑵ Y04 and Y08 match with RS485 socket ,support all kinds of environmental monitoring sensors and othe RS485 interface connection,
     Y2L /Y2 /Y3 select one USB-RS485 convert cable,one port connect with USB ,ther other 485 port  connect with environmental sensor;
⑶ Y series cluster with WIFI,easy for operate by mobile phone app ,support remote switch screens;
⑷ Y04 and Y08 series products adopt plastic shell bracket package, flame  retardant, environmental protection, anti - static, high - temperature;

Y series products have the advantages in  large LED cluster display system and customized development projects!
Y series products with its excellent quality and excellent performance demonstrated the technology "passion   innovation perfect definition " product concept!


Technical parameters
Status Launched into market in April 2018
Control size  Total pixel ≤600K:1024*600;(W≤8192, H≤2048)
Hardware 1GHz dual-core processor、512MB DRAM,1080P HD 
Storage Standard match with 4GByte FLASH,SD extend to 256GByte is optional
Display media
Video format Support avi, wmv, mpg, rmvb, mov, vob, mp4, flv
Audio format Support mp3, wav, wma, ogg, ape, acc
Picture format Support bmp, jpg, png, gif
Text format Support txt, rtf, word, excel etc.
Communiction  Standard match with 100M ethernet port and WIFI, 4G is optional
Output  1 Gigabit ethernet port ,connect with receving card 
Audio 1 AUDIO output
 Remote IR socket on board 
Sensors Brightness and temp&humidity sensor socket on board 
Relay Relay switch socket on board,support 2 nos of relay switch
RS485 RS485 socket on board ,support all kinds of
Environmental monitoring sensors and other RS485 sensor connection
USB Double USB socket ,support USB storage and display;support 4G module connection and communication
SD SD card is optional ,can extend to 256 GByte
Wireless communication
WIFI communication Connect WIFI module
4G communication Connect with BX-4G modem, or use 4G router

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